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Planning the Newhall Neighborhood’s Future


The Town of Hamden’s view of the remediation project is that more has to be done than clean up contamination. That’s why it hired the Regional Growth Partnership to lead a community planning process to chart a course of development for the Newhall neighborhood. The Town and its consultants began working collaboratively with the community to develop a vision of how the former Hamden Middle School and grounds could be reused. The task was expanded to also include the creation of a revitalization plan for the neighborhood surrounding the school.

The plan for the development of the Hamden Middle School site was completed in July 2007.  The Newhall Neighborhood Revitalization Plan was completed in March 2008 and was guided by the following principles:

  1. Make the Neighborhood Complete
  2. Provide Alternatives to the Car
  3. Work in Harmony with Natural Systems
  4. Raise the Value of Existing Properties
  5. Meet the Housing Needs of the Whole Community
  6. Coordinate the Environmental Remedy and the Redevelopment
  7. Honor the Spirit of the Community
  8. Recognize that Everyone has a Voice

sketch of layoutView Middle School Plan (Phase I)

View Neighborhood Revitalization Plan (Phase II)

Appendices for Neighborhood Revitalization Plan (PDFs to be posted)

Other Resources for Neighborhood Development (PDFs)

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